Carl & Ruth Shapiro


The Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation was established in 1961. Carl Shapiro was a successful businessman who founded Kay Windsor, Inc. in 1939. The company, based in New York and New Bedford, MA manufactured and imported a variety of womens’ apparel. When it was acquired by the Vanity Fair corporation in 1971, it was one of the largest womens’ clothing companies in the country. Mr. Shapiro remained with Vanity Fair until his retirement in 1976. He then devoted his energies to the worlds of investment and philanthropy.

In the 1980s, the Shapiro’s three daughters became involved in shaping the direction of the Foundation. Much of the current work reflects their philanthropic interests and expands on the tradition established by their parents.

The eldest daughter, Rhonda (Ronny) Zinner was President of the Foundation from the late 1990’s until her death in 2014. During her tenure, the Foundation developed four strategic initiatives that worked at both the individual and community levels to empower people to make positive changes in their lives. Through the initiatives, over $10 million was granted to more than 100 community-based organizations in Boston. These grants complemented the ongoing capital investments made in Boston area education, medical and cultural institutions.

In 2015, Linda Waintrup assumed the role of President of the Foundation. She is leading the Foundation in a period of reflection, exploration and re-dedication to its values and goals.


The Trustees of the Foundation are:

  • Linda S. Waintrup, President
  • Jennifer Herman
  • Ellen S. Jaffe
  • Jonathan Segal


  • Linda S. Waintrup, President
  • Jennifer Segel, Executive Director

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