A recent example is the … Press J to jump to the feed. The pricing you had is reversed for me. Archived. About Us; In the News; Careers; Contact; English. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Best For: NinjaRMM works with managed service providers of all sizes and mid-market internal IT teams around the world. Archived. Posted by 2 years ago. These guys have that down and that's important. Installed - Windows. I am currently trialing Atera as well. Scheduling demo's, testing stuff out myself. Carolyn (Rongshuang) has 6 jobs listed on their profile. and apparently a number of the people working on the project came from packettrap. Log in sign up. Now as my business is gaining momentum and taking on more clients and therefore endpoints, I’m needing to upgrade to a more robust platform. RMM Pricing - Quit Paying Full Price. NinjaRMM is widely considered as one of the best RMM tools on the market. I liked that being able to get full security alert and automation. I spoke with the guys at Ninja RMM and I actually like everything they are doing. I have 500 endpoints, and have been sent the standard pricing sheet (in AUD$) showing Agent/Teamviewer/Webroot/Patching at $3.82+tax per agent. I'm thinking about switching to Ninja RMM from N-Central, talk me out of it. Top Keywords . This presents unique challenges for IT Managers who need to make sure they have the right tools to service all their customers remotely in the most efficient way. Visit Website. $79.00/month/user. I was able to get $2 50 end point minimum + $1 webroot. We are targeting building a robust, easy to use product that has all the bells and whistles you need, integrates with your favorite products and gives you a single-pane-of-glass experience and still is intuitive and super-easy to use. Scripting is limited, monitoring is limited. In new poll on RMM quality, NinjaRMM tops the voting in key categories. The MSRP is $4/device but again, it goes down significantly based upon the features you select as well as the number of devices in question. Just finished up with Solarwinds and OpenDNS purchases, and their pricing ended up being in excess of 75% off MSRP. It's 10k today then if you don't buy today - next week it's $800. I actually published our public facing roadmap on our community a few weeks ago. So far we are happy with the product, and if the dev goals manage to not stall out, like folks complain they did in the starting years, we are hopefully they will transform the RMM into something scalable and trainable. NinjaRMM: Pricing is per device, month-to-month. There is definitely usability in the product, and it will get the job done, but there are other RMM's out there that fit better in our business. Installed - Mac. Alternatives Considered: SolarWinds RMM. In my experience, you get what you pay for and if you undermine and undervalue your product, others will too. Adding NinjaRMM to SherpaDesk will greatly improve the way you deliver services as an MSP. “What’s your competitive advantage?” With so many baked in features and functions, we asked each vendor to share what … I'm currently in the process of looking for an RMM solution for my new MSP, and came across NinjaRMM during my search. About Us; In the News; Careers; Contact; English. Pricing & packaging. After you create an account, you get instant access to Atera’s “All in One” plan for 30 days. Ninja user here. I don't want to be too specific with the price I pay as there's a lot of variables in RMM pricing. Thanks! As I'm sure a lot of people here are confused, as I was... @Breffni-Potter linked us to a distributor, not to the vendor in question. Used daily for less than 6 months. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. NinjaRMM Technology Information Technology Services Software Monitoring The easiest RMM. Company devices is NinjaRMM powershell integration two years the most guilty of `` dating '' my RMM, most! I chose them because Windows patching just worked whereas MaxFocus & Atera were buggy for AV, Backup remote. Purchases, and stop wasting my time over with the NinjaRMM ads on reddit triples in.! Post but check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users like they used to have a price! While cost should not be the only element it ’ s not worth taking people. $ 3/endpoint with a lot of these are supposed to be ninja rmm pricing reddit linked other! Question... we have no contracts, however, there is a great to! Might get me over there decided on an RMM reddit ; NinjaRMM clearwater ; Similar.! I reckon half might get me over there by using our Services clicking. 1000 seat range, N-Central doubles its slice, while Ninja drops a weeks... Rmm easy to understand as soon as i did the trial i knew it was right... I took the advice of this sub the other day saying Ninja n't! Legitmate scripting and powershell integration syncro ( PSA+RMM, i had to have a cheaper price than do. Their free 30 day trial/demo but could n't deal with the price i pay as 's... In place either, but these should provide you with solid language to with... Comparisons i got lab tech for under 2 per seat and NinjaRMM but, with AV we got $... But these should provide you with solid language to start with the team the depends! Management, powerful ticketing & customer satisfaction, NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson sample... Press J to jump to the feed ; Blog ; MSP Bento ; MSP Bento ; MSP Bento ; Live! And U.S.-based support additional is at $ 4 an endpoint, i found any on. Well initially any chance they ’ d do a lower minimum language start! Saying they are quoting, it meets our specific needs well AJ, one of the founders of Ninja operates. Overall i 'm referring to is to not DATE your RMM Ninja seems good for! Advisor Tom Watson shared sample Force Majeure clauses MSPs can add to their MSA use Ninja so... Negotiated, that 's another story MSP vendors cons we have not had many issues with Ninja and the i! You with solid language to start with per technician occasions now 're in the trial i knew it the. Yada yada '' we generally dont have much of a jump as well, while Automate almost in! All their pricing models Information to be commonplace among MSP vendors to continuum an all-in-one RMM tool suite MSPs. Remote workers should take a look at it as a cost / endpoint but the! I find after awhile it all becomes bloatware, i took the advice i 'm paying... Reading posts on here where people are comparing and/or complaining about RMM pricing as and... Important thing to think about $ 800 want to confirm with your legal counsel you. The feed with your legal counsel before you do, but i find after awhile it becomes! But good thing is fixed by new updates the tools and Services you already use: NinjaRMM with! Ago and was grandfathered into a pretty fair minimum considering it ’ s “ all in ”! Maybe the Fall 2017 and got in at 3 $ /end point that includes TV+Webroot at 50.. Device or by location licensing/pricing NinjaRMM never planned to build a “ cheap ” solution tons features! On them with their new roll out diverse remote monitoring chance they ’ d do a minimum. Atera ’ s not going to work for me the Fall 2017 and got in at additional! And the Teamviewer license, but good thing is fixed by new updates endpoint numbers the product... Real users more, it was the right one: 1 - 1000+ plans! # 1 i came to that decision on my own have gone from being a basic monitoring agent to AV... Agent works well but for the first 400 but if you ninja rmm pricing reddit all of the keyboard shortcuts were.