Pruning can reduce specific defects or structural problems in a tree to greatly lessen the risk of failure. When renovating an old tree go slowly, pruning judiciously and not trying to fix every wrong at once. They mainly produce light, open canopies, which doesn’t cast dense shade, making them good tree choices for small gardens. Next, decide which branches to remove. These trees should be pruned in fall, after the leaves have dropped. A few branches can be removed in summer, if needed, after the trees leaves have reached full size. What should I be asking a tree surgeon to ensure I get the correct person. You get a lot of twiggy growth from the cut ends and this needs to be lopped regularly. They are usually sheared off at a uniform height. Similar to many other birch trees, the silvery, papery bark has a unique texture and a pleasing color in the landscape, standing out next to darker evergreens, oaks and maples.Then, their autumn color display is a real show stopper, with bright yellow leaves that remain on the tree for weeks. Raising a silver birch tree successfully requires knowledge of how to keep the tree healthy and growing. But however, where I am may be lost.”, Removing the top from a birch will result in an ugly tree. Incidentally, paper bark birch is generally not planted in Maryland anymore. When mature they can reach 30m in height, forming a light canopy with elegant, drooping branches. It did look very ugly when it was done but ok once it was clothed in green. I found a website that does address it: , but want to make sure. There will inevitably be a lot of haphazard regrowth around the top. The advantage of clump planting is that multiple white trunks have a far bigger impact than a single tree trunk, and when birches are clumped close together the competition between … Paper birch starts life with a brown trunk that whitens as it ages. Removing more than twenty-five percent of the canopy of a tree at one time weakens it and may be fatal. A much better way to let light into the base of birches is to remove lower horizontal branches. Examine all of the branches for signs of insect damage. That is the recognized industry standard for the United States, and a base reference for many city codes that make topping illegal. Golden brown on twigs and young branches, the bark matures to silvery white with black clefts. The white bark sheds layers like tissue paper and becomes black and rugged at the base. In America it is known as White Birch. Good pruning practices do not include "topping" trees, i.e. Prune the birch tree in early spring to avoid damaging the tree once it's begun to bud or produce leaves. ECN. Minimise disease spread by pruning in dry weather, bagging up material and disposing. Silver Birch Facts. Pruning an established Silver Birch or any of the Betula group of trees is going to cause some damage, and should be carried out when the tree is dormant in winter, and only if absolutely necessary. Even though some tree pruning companies still "top" trees, this actually makes the resulting new tree branches more weakly attached to the tree and thus more apt to break off. Genus Betula can be deciduous trees or shrubs, usually colouring well in autumn and often with striking white, pink, or peeling brown bark; separate male and female catkins open before or with the leaves in spring . When to Prune a River Birch Tree. I last had it done about 4 years ago but wasnt happy with the results ( it looked uneven) and ive been caught out by really bad cold weather the last 2 years and left it too late. The tree has layered, silver-white bark and droopy branches, and its broad, ovate foliage is shiny, toothed and fine pointed. Good pruning practices do not include "topping" trees, i.e. You can easily prune your river birch tree during the proper time with sufficient tools and the correct trimming method. Should we top it?, prune it? I have friends who have their birch trees topped and thinned regularly to reduce wind resistance as they were planted too close to the house and are a potential danger in strong winds.   A good tree surgeon will do it without making the tree look ugly. "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." see more; Synonyms Betula alba. Tree topping is against the American National Standards Institute A-300 Standards for Maintenance of Woody Plants. These trees have their own charms, however. chopping back the top, sort of like a crew cut. On this occasion we will not dedicate the article to talk in general about birch tree, but we will focus on specifically covering two of the most popular varieties, the River Birch and the Silver Birch. Topping a tree seriously affects its health and value in the landscape. Neither tree requires regular pruning. Smooth in young trees, the bark gets rugged at the base in older trees. This will minimize the branch scars, keeping them relatively small and inconspicuous. There is a certificate of competence a good tree surgeon should advertise as having. Pruning is necessary for young river birch trees and for older ones at selective times to ensure adequate health. A lot of people advertising as tree surgeons  or tree care specialists have H&S and chain saw certificates - this does not mean that they have the expertise necessary to shape a tree - you may find some help hereÂ. Family Betulaceae . I have been reading - no more than 25% overall, after September? Thank you! This graceful, elegant tree, also known as silver birch, is a familiar and well-loved landscaping tree. Birch tree pruning is recommended to preserve or improve tree structure, vigor and life-span. Dig a circle in the ground around the birch tree, spanning 10 inches for each inch of trunk. The result is an unsightly tree with thin, upright branches called water sprouts at the top. Going against the tree’s natural habit produces ungainly trees that lack grace. Log in or register to join the conversation. chopping back the top, sort of like a crew cut. Broken, diseased, or dead branches are typically removed in order to prevent decay-producing fungi from infecting other areas of the birch tree. You should be able to ask for photos of trees he's done or else a list of his clients whom you can call.    Don't leave it too long as the sap will be rising soon, if ithasn't started already, and your tree could bleed to death.    Â. Hello!! Birch – Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing. This trench will help loosen the roots so they do not snap when you begin straightening it. In fact, since it is a pioneer tree, it will readily grow and is more of a pest than a rarity. I have 2 large silver birch trees near my barn and 5 years ago a couple of farmer friends cut the tops off, as they were higher than the barn and my wife was worried about them falling in heavy winds. So, how to lower the top of a tree that is too tall? So, how to lower the top of a tree that is too tall? 10 March in Norfolk, I had to cut the top of mine a few years ago as it was interfering with telephone wires. This may depend on where you live. Birch is a deciduous tree that reaches between 10 and 30 meters high, it is generally grown as an ornamental species for parks and gardens. ALso has given an opportunity to shape it a bit better every time. Removing the top from a birch will result in an ugly tree. The river birch tree is known for its beautiful peeling bark that is generally cinnamon in color. Now they have grown back very tall again and I was wondering how to trim them this time. Always start by removing damaged, dead, diseased shoots, followed by weak, lax or rubbing growth.