A desire to share your life with another. The idea of marriage is pushed upon little girls, especially. Why Do You Want to Get Married? Someone is pressuring you into getting married. A healthy relationship is not a relationship without arguments. Really think about that for a moment. I wasn't really in love with them, I just wanted to get married. I wanted to marry my current boyfriend when we first started dating, but the more secure I became in my relationship, the less I pressured him. Because all your friends are married. As I’ve said earlier, life is a game of stages. No one wants to marry the wrong person, yet somehow so many people do. 5 6 7. And when you’re mentally prepared … So I asked this friend of mine to send me a voice note on why she wants to get married, just to know if there are objectives of marriage that I am not aware of and perhaps if I … i want to have children and get married when im around 30-35 years old :) but im really shy, i go to an all boys school so i don't really interact with girls and i have never been on a date :(. If all of your reasons fall on the wrong side, that is a clear indication that the time is not right. You want to make thm happy. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. (There are NO wrong answers!!) Marriage is a beautiful thing though--being able to be with the person that you'd love, and spend the rest of your life with. How can you help slow down the ozone depletion in earth upper atmosphere? y do u have to sign anything. If you’re looking to get married, ask yourself why you really want it… Is it because: It’s the next logical step in your life; Your parents want you to; You’re ready to accept responsibility; You want to … A longer period of engagement or time spent dating might be the right course of action. If you have already made the proposal or accepted one, you owe it to your betrothed to analyze your motivation and have that person do likewise. I wish someone had asked me this 10 years ago. To get health or insurance benefits from the spouse's employer. No because why would I want to get into a marriage when it might not even work? People say why don't you get married and the relationship will be more of a binding one. Have you ever wondered how to answer folks who try to discourage you from getting married? Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Shocking Truth for Thirty Percent of Divorced Women, You feel too guilty or ashamed to back out when plagued with doubt.Â, You are willing to gamble on your future spouse changing or having potential.Â. But the ideal age that I would, if ever, get married, would be probably 28. You don't want people gossiping about the two of you living together. It is difficult for many to admit they want to possess another. “It felt like the next thing for us to do.” When I was in my late twenties, everyone around me was either in getting engaged or married. Marriage allows me to show my love in a way that nothing else can. But the truth is there’s n… She's the co-author of The Everything Great Marriage Book. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Or to wear a fancy dress. In my career, I've learned that a tell-tale sign of a person who is sincerely interested in getting married is a desire to build something brand new with one's spouse. thats stupid You are tired of being single. We choose whom to marry, yet many people in retrospect knew they should not get married before their wedding day. If you feel that it is merely a friendly question, then it is acceptable to give an answer as to whether or not you are married. The sound of it is archaic and brings images of ownership. Because you want a baby. Remember, you and your spouse will be coming together at the alter to recite some very crucial vows and you both have different expectations. Posted in Pre-Marriage tagged alone, children, love, marriage, single at 4:11 pm by Hidden Queen. Answer: Many cultures in the world today are losing the understanding of what marriage was designed to be. In short, we want to marry so we can hold onto another. It could also be the other way around where you find that singleness portends more freedom and independence than marriage. We underestimate the power of things we passively consume, and how it affects our perceptions and desires.When little girls watch movies with Prince Charming, they may use him as the ideal image for who they want to be with when they grow older. This question is for unmarried women below the age of 35. You both do not have blinders on and have spent enough time together to know it's the right choice. I want to get married. Or to wear a fancy dress. At some point during your dating and engaged life, you need to ask each other some tough questions. You may identify with items on both lists. All Rights Reserved. You cant be scared all the time of getting divorced & let that stop you from getting married. I understand when you say cater to because when you find that person (at least it is for me) you want to do anything for them. The best time to take a hard look at your motivations for wanting to get married is before you have given your answer to a proposal or made a marriage proposal. And you cant go on living life being constantly scared of what might happen. You think you are running out of time to get married. You want to feel connected with a person you love and to grow with that person emotionally. Why Do You Want To Get Married? You've always wanted a fancy wedding. For money. Are you getting married, or plan to get married in the future? Answer Save. You both have realistic expectations and shared goals. Be sure to ask these questions, even if it’s uncomfortable … 30 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married Read More » I know this question is random and little immature, butI wanted to ask it nevertheless. The stages of life. Because it’s a tried and true tradition. The way your partner answers and responds will be very telling and eye-opening. Maybe, you have seen that marriage creates certain connections and advantages that are not available for single people. Marriage is the ultimate sign of devotion and compassion to spend the rest of your life with someone. As children, we’re bombarded by fairy tales that make us believe we need romance and marriage. Why marry? October 8, 2010 Why do you want to get married? yes they do Answer: Most people are supportive and believe in marriage. Therefore, if you are considering marriage, make sure you are getting married for the "right" reasons and not for "wrong" ones. Out of fear that no one else will want to marry you. … Yes because I'd want to spend the rest of my life with the person I love and the whole marriage just seems a lot more sweet and genuine that way. We talked to some brides-to-be to find out why they're so eager to say "I do." You think you are running out of time to get married. Looking back at the guys I dated and wanted to marry, I'm glad it never happened. He is always going to be here for me and vice versa. I'd like to tell you about these: Getting married is putting more burdens on your shoulders, both husband and wife. We live in a world that says we should get what we want any way we can get it. Asked by Wiki User. If yes, what are some of the questions you should ask yourself before saying “I Do?” Marriage is a life-long adventure which can be great, or not so great, so spending a great amount of time preparing yourself is a must. Most marriages are happy. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? To me a marriage ceremony means nothing a piece of paper does not guarantee anything. Marriage is sometimes seen as confinement that may hamper our ability to have what we want when we want it. Answer. Don't become a statistic like this one! Sheri Stritof has written about marriage and relationships for 20+ years. Hearing statistics like that sound shocking in this day and age. Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? My fiancee and I are filling out a premarital quiz, and one of the many questions it asks is 'what is your reason for wanting to get married'? Is it because you don’t want to be alone? "Because I love you" is not a good answer. It can help if you assign each a number from one to five and see which reasons outweigh the others. You are always going to have bad things & good things happen. Before getting married, please answer this serious question: why do you want to get married? In … To have someone to "complete" you. Out of fear that no one else will want to marry you. If you find yourself contemplating marriage with the person, you are dating or living with, stop, and ask yourself why. Of those that do, I would be very confident in saying they want to in order to have kids. It seems many have doubts right up to their planned wedding day yet go through with it anyway.Â, In her article for HuffingtonPost.com, The Shocking Truth for Thirty Percent of Divorced Women (2011), social worker Jennifer Gauvain writes, "If you take 10 divorced women and ask them whether they believed on their wedding day that they were marrying the right guy for the right reasons, seven of them would say yes, and three will confess they had serious doubts long before walking down the aisle. anyone who is willing to, but it takes much more to be able to Illustration: Ashley Nicole Deleon. I don’t have all the answers, and I didn’t plan a full conclusion, because I want you to sound off in the comments below. “When are you two getting married?” and “You’re next!” were normal things to say once two people were dating for any length of time. I’ll leave you with this thought, and question: Maybe feeling in love isn’t enough. You've always wanted a fancy wedding. Set aside time to make up your list of reasons for wanting to get married and compare them with the two lists above. A healthy relationship … Live life to the fullest. Why you want to get married? Get our free wedding checklist when you sign up for our newsletter. if u want to have a baby then do it a young age but y do u have to get married? I want to get married, so I can spend the rest of my life with my husband. hi im 15 too.i want to get married one day but certainly not before im 25. i want to be able to be as happy as possible and live my youth. I married because we both loved each other & want to be together for the rest of our lives. I think I'm smart enough to know not to set myself up for a disaster. if u never get married u can seperate with your partner and enjoy as much sex with many women as u can. When did organ music become associated with baseball? That's the shocking truth for 30% of divorced women. For immigration purposes. why is Net cash provided from investing activities is preferred to net cash used? Please note - I am not asking why you want to have a relationship. You fight well. the marriage doesn't have to last long and a piece of paper isn't so significant if the love is real.