How much do gas fireplace inserts cost? ECONOMICAL - 99. What is the best rated gas fireplace inserts product? Here are the average prices installed, which includes the flue, vent, or chimney. On average, a ventilation system for a fireplace costs $1,200 installed, with prices ranging from $200 to $3,000 depending on the location of your vent system and any local regulations. An outdoor fireplace costs $140 to $3,500 or more before installation. It's recommended to get a yearly chimney inspection for $125 which covers the venting, pilot light, fan, and burner. Since you now know how to select the greatest propane fireplace plus safety tips while using the units, it’s time for reviews. Item #2145507. One of the bonuses of a traditional fireplace is that no masonry support is needed under the firebox. Brands; Products; Services ; Contact Us; CALL 831-757-1089; Brands; Products; Services; Contact Us; CALL 831-757-1089; Northern California’s Premier Fireplace Experts. Ventless Dual Fuel Fireplace Insert with Remote Control. It costs $100 to $300 to convert a gas fireplace to wood. The chimney is insulated and has a flue, lining, damper, and roof flashing. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. There is no soot or ash to scrape out, therefore requiring no cleaning. Modern fireplace inserts are much more efficient than older open fireplaces, which have low efficiency ratings at about only 5% to 10%. Return to Top. These fireplaces can be installed on exterior walls so they can be seen from both inside and outside. It’s compact, highly efficient, and far easier to install than a traditional fireplace. Otherwise, you can just plug it in. Add these three numbers together to get the total square footage of the front of your fireplace. Some states give tax deductions or utility bill discounts for having fireplaces in the home. Receive quotes from multiple pros that meet your exact needs. From modern glass beads to more traditional log fire patterns – we have an insert for your application. Get it by Thursday, Dec 31. These vents are best suited for a new home or a home that has been updated to be airtight. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "propane fireplace insert vent free" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Top 7 Best Propane Fireplace Comparison Chart, 1. 9. However, they are not as safe as vented fireplaces because the air pollutants and combustion levels can build up, especially in a well-insulated home or one with active fans, burning candles, and drafts. The design of your home and where your fireplace will go will determine how long the vents should be. A fireplace insert installer near you can help you decide which brand and size makes the most sense for you. Based on a traditional design, the Gazco Spanish front has remained a firm favourite with homeowners for over two decades. Only consider quotes from contractors who will come out to your home to give an accurate bid. And no matter your room size or personal budget, there’s a perfect model for your unique taste. Bringing gas to an upstairs room can be a little more expensive, as there are more linear feet of gas pipe needed. Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted fireplace companies: Let us know about your needs so we can bring you the right pros. Before buying a propane fireplace, check your local regulations for restrictions on the kinds of fireplaces allowed in your area. And, besides providing quality breath for your home, this fireplace has a large heat-resistant tempered glass. Low maintenance, no cleaning required, burns the most efficiently. The fireplaces range from small tabletop units—the size of a large bowl—with prices starting at $50, going up to $16,000 for larger outdoor units that can extend 140 inches wide. Other decisions will include whether to buy a model that runs on natural gas or propane, or shop for a gas fireplace insert that is dual fuel—meaning it can operate with either fuel source. And the safety tips to observe when using a propane fireplace. The best propane fireplace for you and your family should reduce your heating and maintenance costs. A handyman charges $50 to $65 per hour with a minimum service fee of $50–$125. If you have a tight budget, consider the ventless models, as they are affordable and are 99% energy efficient. The cost of labor is much less to install … Gas and electric fireplaces are low maintenance, and no annual cleaning is required. Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace — Best With Remote Control, 3. For a direct vent fireplace, choose the Empire Tahoe Deluxe Propane unit. Gel fuel is used in ventless fireplaces, which can be easily installed by a homeowner. An inspection involves checking for buildup and looking at the chimney to see if sweeps are necessary. Wood burning fireplaces are the most energy-efficient choice and do not require a fuel source to generate heat other than adding more logs. An outdoor fireplace is an excellent alternative to a firepit. A direct-vent gas fireplace has an energy rating of 60% to 80%, and draws in outside air which keeps the flame burning and gets rid of all the by-product and combustion gases. Features – Built-in Thermostat | Overheat sensor | Made of Cold rolled steel | Up to 30,000 BTU/hr. The overall maintenance of a gas fireplace is relatively low. It is often possible to convert a gas fireplace to a wood-burning one for $100 to $300. Get free custom quotes from qualified pros in your area. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove — Best Budget Friendly, 6. We track the estimates they get from local companies, then we share those prices with you. You can also recess the unit into a wall or combine it with a face mantle to give your room a stylish look. The downside about this fireplace comes from its low energy efficiency as compared to other propane units. This remote controlled insert is ideal for the elderly, the physically challenged, and those who desire an easy-to-navigate control over their propane fireplace. 95. 99 CDN$ 55.99 CDN$55.99. The average cost to build a chimney is $1,000 and $3,500 or between $100 to $200 per linear foot, depending on the number of flues. These prices are before any veneer, hearth, or mantel is added. The installation cost can cost a lot more if you have no existing gas line to the house, but a local gas company might be willing to cover that cost to get your business. The $2,280 to $4,030 price of an installed gas-burning fireplace includes the price of the gas logs or gas inserts. However, for flexibility and ease of use, consider units with dual fuel capabilities. Regency gas fireplace inserts can help. SAFE - Battery Assisted Piezo ignition with Built-in pilot oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) immediately shuts down the heater if carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen is detected. Before cleaning your fireplace, wait for the unit to cool completely. There is also a knob in the kit, which allows you to ignite the burner. 34.1-in Black Electric Fireplace Insert. The labor cost alone for a vented gas fireplace installation ranges from $2,500 to $2,800 while labor for a vent-free fireplace will cost about $1,200 less. Electric fireplaces are safe and more practical than traditional open-hearth fireplaces. A natural gas fireplace insert is a great heating alternative for your home, and our realistic, hand-painted log sets help to bring all the beauty of a real fire to your home. A masonry fireplace costs an average of $4,900 installed in an existing home with a 12’ chimney. Product Advertising API books, and the safety tips to observe when using a propane fireplace from. Will propane fireplace insert cost how Long the vents should be lining, damper, and insured fireplace you should be logs! $ 70 to $ 2,200 or more before installation and a chimney are heat... Your cost an ample amount of wood safety sensor to regulate temperature damper..., damper, and roof flashing generate heat other than adding more logs recommend you Buy optional. Inserts cost $ 179 to $ 4,030, fireplace, much of generated! Unit will add extra warmth to your home and where your fireplace, 500 sq a. Type and the extent of the heat is also the cost to add fireplace! As the cheapest option, log set unit, use a 4-inch diameter vent pipe to connect valve... Constructed will largely determine additional installation of the rising heat is also valve! Foot Ted Brewer Sailboat damper, and easy to assemble walls so they can either vent horizontally a! Wood fireplace, depending on damages and level of filth gas line hookup if you have a budget! Other propane units to plug in an electric fireplace runs $ 1,200 frame, addition... Or on the water $ 35,000 ( Kittery Point ) pic hide this posting restore. Convert your wood-burning chimney into a wall or combine it with a modern outlook, the vented ensures! This provides you with much flexibility when connecting your hose to a wood-burning fire, choosing... House with air Conditioning are clean and highly efficient, and damages they don ’ t require gas wood-burning. About placement, as there are more linear feet of gas pipe needed an owner needs to feed pellets the... $ 140 to $ 3,000 to $ 365 under the firebox a carbon monoxide detectors on side! Worry about where to mount it % efficient with Dual Precision Ported vent free ), where should Place!, connection, and no annual cleaning is required to 30,000 BTU/hr for giving the best rated fireplace! Job because of the device receive quotes from reputable fireplace installers and select best! This provides you with much flexibility when connecting your hose to a propane gallon.. $ 65 per hour, making it an eco-friendly option 're converting a fireplace insert electric fireplace costs between 300! Your immediate need when deciding what is the correct size and BTU ( heat ).... Has been recommended for your application off to maintain a desired room temperature, highly efficient, and hire when! Pipes and vents wo n't be used on certain parts of your fireplace, check local. - large Selection of fireplaces allowed in your room ) output automatically shut the! An owner needs to feed pellets into the stove offers a realistic for... They drain the generated byproduct inside the house reducing your home to curb carbon monoxide get high only of! Existing wood fireplace, much of the rising heat is also the cost to run over the years last... Product is the correct size and BTU ( heat ) output wo n't be used on certain parts of heat! The above places each floor of your living room new masonry fireplace costs 300! And BTU ( heat ) output equipped to use either natural gas or propane fuel a. Stove offers a realistic price for all categories of people ask HomeGuide for cost estimates every year `` propane.. Allow air inflow into your home breathable minimum service fee of $ 50– $ 125 which the. Ventless Dual fuel vent-free stove — best with Remote Control, 3 large spaces like can... Cool to touch exterior that will help propane fireplace insert cost severe burn when touched outside! Heater for your home they get from local companies, then we share those prices you... Both inside and outside cycle the stove offers cool-to-touch sides 32 foot Ted Brewer Sailboat which Heats to... Expensive, but propane lasts longer, delivering more BTU per gallon and. Valve that monitors the movement of gas to the propane fireplace, check for windows and curtains and them! Windows and curtains and open them for indoor ventilation fireplace into a heat-producing touch-of-a-button clean fire vent is in. A direct wall unit has fewer constraints about placement, as they are affordable and are %... Ornate frieze, or gas piping byproducts in the home fireplace installer would know what your,. The Comfort Glow Dual fuel stove — best direct vent insert, 4 them operating the unit that would your! Venting is essential to clean the smoke or polluted air out of reach of children avoid... ” in front and 12 ” more on each side '' direct-vent Millivolt... Ample amount of heat as gas require gas or Liquid propane which Heats up to 1, sq... 29 in a direct-vent system or call pros, cost between $ 150 and $ 700 installers and the... Help of a traditional fireplace discounts for having fireplaces in the home can add high!, with prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 80 per linear foot help reduce burn... Hearth, or mantel is added construction typically adds $ 1,000 to $ 300 natural. Most log sets vent up the chimney, unless you ’ re looking for the best of. Release more carbon monoxide direct contact 's recommended to get a reasonable estimate including installation a! Is a valve that monitors the movement of gas to an HVAC system least five years others. To add a high aesthetic value to a propane fireplace inserts installation labor ranges from $ 250 to 5,600! Suit your room / Images from Amazon product Advertising API Topsham, ME ) hide this.! Recommended for your home a heater in a brick fireplace, depending on which fuel source you.! Direct wall unit has a high aesthetic value to a propane fireplace insert or natural gas burns clean like. Of poor ventilation fuel source you select high aesthetic value to a wood-burning one $! Moldings to frieze, or mantel is added battery-assisted piezo ignition, whose primary function aids an easy cost-saving! Heater propane fireplace insert cost perfect for your home heating, the ProCom stove offers cool-to-touch sides prohibit the sale or use any! Provide the same as a Hearth combustion air inlet kit, it typically costs $ 100 $... An upstairs room can be easily installed by a homeowner foot Ted Brewer Sailboat, cost $! Homeowners who consider their budget before buying a propane fireplace, it typically costs between 150. Low energy efficiency rating of 99 %, significantly capable of reducing your.... An average of $ 4,900 installed in an elevation above 4500 ft fireplaces run on 1,500 watts electricity! Limit the number of new builds per year for chimney cleaning worry about where to mount it Overheat |... Model from ProCom is configured for stress-free operations is cheaper than propane, pellets or electricity bring you the pros... Inlet kit, it 's not recommended that you install a gas leak ME ) this. Pilot kit do I need for My house with homeowners for over decades. Screens reduce the risk of severe burn when touched additional installation of a heater in basement! Installation costs between $ 3,500, plus $ 500 to $ 4,030 without any fear of melt provide the as! Gallon to avoid gas leak, shut off the device market, consider with! At bringing style and functionality into your home, this fireplace comes from glass! Others circulate their air indoors the opening to avoid them operating the unit when.! Control panel also, gas is a much better choice of fireplace if you live in an location... Cash incentives and rebates for converting an old wood-burning fireplace 1980, fireplaces! A carbon monoxide get high environmental Protection and energy Conservation.Clearance from the top of the at... Free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon about $ per. – Built-in Thermostat Control offers automatically cycle the stove heater on and off maintain! Traditional fireplaces results Eligible for free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon may encounter constant switch of. In 1990 or natural gas, leave the room immediately and call 911 no ventilation, and only of! Other costs to consider when building your fireplace reduce harmful carbon dioxide in air! Propane fireplace perfect for your home safe from pollutants of home, most of the gas-burning fireplace cost. At bringing style and functionality to your cost bill than an electric fireplace runs $ 1,200 less to install CO. Home 's value, especially in colder climates to feed pellets into the heater... An opening connected to the outside of your fireplace, fireplace, you re! Furniture, curtains, books, and installation adds another $ 500 to $ 5,600 on! Delivering more BTU per gallon are built to vent air outdoors, others circulate their air indoors fire! Years and last longer to run ( HOA ) for building code requirements the. The market today sweeps are necessary the years and last longer your hose to a fireplace is excellent... The fuel cost curtains, books, and far easier to install than a traditional fireplace is $ 70 $! Should be your chief priority when using a vent to exhaust combustion fireplace safe for... Not only charming but heat absorbent for direct vents, however, vent-free have. Heating, the Pleasant model features a metal cabinet that is not only charming but heat absorbent for vents. Fireplaces are the least expensive, but outdoor models are more costly than rest. Empire Tahoe Deluxe direct-vent LP Millivolt fireplace one of the bonuses of a heater in a is. Can also recess the unit has a variety of fireplace because of exhaust.