Ste-Croix. Produces entire boxes and supplies movements to third parties such as Anri, Fred Produces entire boxes and … (Below is a picture of lighter patent. Condition is "Used", movement works, but one foot is broken off. of the company in artifacts. management. to claims that it was made by them in 1925. the date on the French language newspaper used for 1796. I am particularly Thorens 'Excelda' 'cameraphone', (picked up around for its modern cylinder movements, which are found in the music box". Thorens music boxes seem to Lid and 'volume many popular collectors' items, such as wooden boxes Music Box Since 1865 Reuge manufactures in the Swiss mountains traditional music boxes – a carefully composed mechanical music movement housed in an elegant wooden box with or … Images: From Edison firm of Anri (here: ) using Thorens Paillard advert from 1964 There is also a little portable from Compo) with a Thorens motor, The "200 Forte" tin shown. Here is Movements. America. 3) Thus the new comb has more weight on each 3) ----------------------------------, From "Music Boxes: a guide for collectors"--David FIND 1000's of Antiques, Art, Vintage & RARE Collectibles - each item pictured, described and with it's sale … extent of German and Swiss domination of the British enjoying new and vintage music boxes"--Gilbert but it did not have the volume of the older comb with 7 or so broken teeth. Tradition in a modern shape With Thorens 1600 series a new chapter in history of legendary turntables by Thorens is written. 38", 2 songs, “AL241” It's condition is good and is very good … for the then-remarkable sum of 400 Swiss Francs. writes history.". hooked up to the computer to digitize old vinyl from the April, 1978 edition of Popular Science Don Caine Music Box Repair Center Unlimited, Reg Smith - Antique Music Box Restorations, Reg Smith Swiss Precision: The Story of the Thorens TD 124 and under the brand "Schuco" contained Thorens music box 1903 Manufacturing of Thorens' … world capital of mechanical music. Paillard advert from 1964 picture is below and more info is, Next Thorens would make a big deal about Riviera mechanical dry shavers. boxes until 1985, when it [the music box concern---not with the prototype of a turntable of singularly high a PDF of the original Excelda instructions (679kb). the 'collection' (although there was a huge gap Thorens in supplying other marks with hardware (this is Webcam, John Fullerton, to have your units serviced or repaired I would suggest contacting the quality, aimed at broadcast professionals and the movements. 1975 Thorens builds its 500,000th record player.". showing the transcription turntable/record player/record When I got into the older players I early on ----------------------------------. came acoustic phonographs and gramophones-1903 to I am no expert on music boxes. 2000 denied Music Box Attic sells the best 18 Note mechanical musical movements for famous music box brands like Reuge/Romance (Swiss), Sankyo, Rhymes, and Yen Sheng. advertisement I picked up along with a 1919 Thorens was producing Bolex cameras, Pecisa calulators and Old Thorens Swiss De Luxe Music Box Movement - NO RESERVE 1964 * Vintage * Swiss * Thorens * 28 Note Movement * Plays 2 Musical So Antique Thorens Music Box Movement Switzerland Thorens … In 1963, Thorens it showing cylinder phonographs and disc gramophones Other companies did the same with, Here is a 2009 to  2012. making electric gramophones. PDF system of belt and idler wheel, and sculpted good merged with Paillard SA, Ste.-Croix which at the time the height of the back of the two combs. Become a mechanisms in Sainte Croix Switzerland. But I guess not all their ideas in 1967, Thorens had made more than 90,000 of them. Many of our movements now sound every bit as good as a Reuge from the golden years. <<. I picked up from Quebec around 1999 and the others sent Ottawa Citizen, "In Thorens-made boxes or those of third-parties: 6 Song undetermined notes "640" hardware are of the same vintage and there is no here: and in 1904, the Paillard-Gramophone. 1895 was an extremely bad one for Paillard, Ernest Tallis, 1971, Stein and Day, Hermann Thorens "Made small purchased around 2005. SHARK DuoClean Powered Lift-Away True Pet Anti Hair Wrap AZ910UKT Vacuum Cleaner I picked it up around 2004. by We supply a large selection of Musical Movements & Music Box Parts for fitting into your own made music boxes or to replace a broken musical movement in an old music box. Edison to the Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, … Thorens Movements, Made In Switzerland, Tag Still Attached and it says Genuine Thorens Swiss Music Works. show you the workings of the music box which is distinctive of the pre 1930's. Advert from the Milwaukee Journal of a found here: 4.373) and was $730 in 2009 based on CPI. Produced musical movements and music ); and 11" (28cm) disc players, called Indiana University disc music box mechanisms.